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Mervat Essa
Postal code 13872
P.O.B. 314

Curriculum Vitae

1991-1994 eramics profile, Art School, Tel-Hai
2001 rt teaching studies, Oranim College
2007 roup leadership studies

Work experience
2005-2006 rt lecturer, Tel-Hai College
1995 rt lecturer, Sakhnin College

2007-2010 roup leadership, Drob Institute (office managers ibrarians – group leaders)
 2006-2010 rt workshops for groups of children with special needs and their parents
2006-2010 orkshops for adolescents at risk in the Arab society
2009 rt instruction for art group leaders, “Karib”.
2005-2009 Art workshops on gender on behalf of the Ministry of Education (group leadership)
2006-2008 Art teaching for gifted children
2001-2005 Art instructor on behalf of the Ministry of Education + Environment Protection, Peqiin (early age)
2001-2005 Art instructor on behalf of the Ministry of Education + Environment Protection, Tamra (early age)
1996 Operated an art enrichment center for the early age, Yarka Community Center
1996 Workshops for kindergarten teachers on art in kindergarten
1996 Art workshops for people with special needs

Guest artist + lectures
2007-2010  Schools in the Galilee. Accompanying artist in an Arab-Jewish project on acceptance of others
2009 Beer-Sheva University
2008 Tel-Hai College
2008 Kibbutz Ir’on
2007 Women Creating a Dialogue
2007 Kibbutz Hazorea Museum
2004 Art therapists group, Seminar Hakibbutzim
2000 International Woman’s Day in the Galilee

Art production
2009-2010 Curator, Spring Meeting, Igal Alon House
2007-2010 Special projects in schools on behalf of Karib
2008-2009 Curator, Spring Meeting, Igal Alon House
2008-2009 Curator, Ceramics Festival, Umm Al-Fahm Gallery
2008-2009 Curator, Srouji Motors Gallery, Nazareth
2006 Curator, Sculpture Festival, Yanouh Village
2005 Curator, Sculpture Festival, Peqiin
1997 Art exhibition for 36 kindergartens (parents and children), Yarka

Solo exhibitions
2007 Kibbutz Mahanaim Gallery  “Bundles”  Yehudit Kanari          
2007 Art Gallery, Majdal Shams “I and They” Sliman Tarabi
2007 Srouji Motors, Nazareth “Our Daily Bread” Farid Abu Shkara       
2007 Wilfred Israel Museum “Our Daily Bread” Gabriel M
2005 Art Gallery, Umm Al-Fahm “Kerchiefs” Farid Abu Shkara
2005 Hashalom Gallery, Bethlehem “Kerchiefs” Farid Abu Shkara
2003 Oranim College “Numbered Death”  Farid Abu Shkara
2002 Central Gallery – Nazareth “I and They” Farid Abu Shkara
2001 Community Center Gallery - Peqiin
2000 Central Gallery – Nazareth Miri Abu Gaber

Group Exhibition
2010 Umm Al-Fahm Gallery “Earth Color” Farid Abu Shkara
2009  Nazareth Gallery “Inside the Black” Farid Abu Shkara
2009 City Gallery, Tamra “Olives” Ahmad Kanaan
2009 Bet Hageffen, Haifa “Memory” Abed Abadi
2008 Artists House, Tel-Aviv  “Memory Packs” Haim Maor
2008 Museum of Islam, Jerusalem “Correspondence” Farid Abu Shkara       
2008 Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv “Ceramics Biennale” Hagai Segev 
2007 Ben-Gurion University in the Negev “Embroidery” Haim Maor
2007 City Gallery, Tamra  “Present Absentee” Ahmad Kanaan
2007 Kaner House, Rishon LeZion “Home” Effi Gan
2007 Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv “Ceramics Biennale” David Knafo
2006 Berlin “Motherland”  Margaret Weiss
2006 Okshi Museum, Akko “Longing for the Future” Rachel Zemer
2006 Tel Hai Museum of Photography “Landscape Photography” Naama Haikin
2006 Bet Ahoti Gallery, Jerusalem “Women’s Testimony” Tirza Ilon
2006 Artists House, Tel-Aviv  “Walla”
2006 Umm Al-Fahm Gallery “Wounds and Bandages” Effi Gan
2005 Umm Al-Fahm Gallery  “Ceramics Symposium”   Tirza Ilon
2005 City Gallery, Tamra “Roadblock” Ahmad Kanaan
2004 Kibbutz Genosar Gallery “Painful Place”  Nava Shoshani
2004 Graft Gallery – Sain Luis, U.S.A Shosh Dagan
2004 Tel-Aviv University Gallery “Popsicle” Sorin Heller
2004 Umm Al-Fahm Gallery “Identity” Said Abu Shkara        
2003 Bet Hageffen Gallery, Haifa “Black/White” Hanna Kopler
2003 Houston, Texas Museum, U.S.A   “Made in Palestine”    James Harithas
2002 Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv “Ceramics Biennale”   Sorin Heller
2002 City Gallery, Rehovot “The Voice of Ishmael” Haim Maor

Participation in festivals
2007 Karmiel Festival
2007 The Stone Festival, Yanouh
2006 The Stone Festival, Peqiin
2005 Spring Meeting – Kibbutz Genosar
2004Holiday of Holidays Festival, Haifa
2004 Akko Festival
2004 The Stone Festival, Bet Jan
2004 Spring Meeting – Kibbutz Genosar
2003 Ceramics Festival, Umm Al-Fahm
2003 The Stone Festival, Kafr Yasif
2003 Spring Meeting – Kibbutz Genosar
2002 The Stone Festival, Ar’ara
2002 The Stone Festival, Yarka

2000 Excelling employee, Yarka Community Center
2000 District excellence, the Community Center Company
2003-2004 America-Israel Cultural Foundation award